The 1011

The numbers “10″& “11″ come from the verse Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12. When contemplating a meaning for our company, this verse really defined marriage for us. The verses 10 & 11 draw a picture of how marriage goes beyond the feelings of love and into a committed partnership. I love my wife with all my heart & the love and commitment to our partnership she has given to me is priceless. So for me, the meaning of marriage is the application of that love… hence 1011 Photo.

1011 Makeup, aka the wife, also offers packages for hair and makeup (kind of making double the awesome). If you want to know more about my beautiful bride, or see here work, visit 1011makeup.com.

The Photographer & The Photography

I am a proud husband, steadfast follower of Christ, creative thinker, and a connoisseur of brown ale, In-N-Out Burger, and mashed potatoes. In all seriousness, I first started dabbling in photography when I was completing my design degree in college. With a fine art background, photography became another medium for me to apply my creativity. From the humble beginnings of carrying equipment for other photographers, I began to develop my passion, love for & my technique in photography.

I first fell in love with wedding photography when I discovered it can move beyond a positioned stance and an awkward plastic smile. It’s about capturing genuine expressions, the exchange of emotions & real life moments. Knowing my photography will forever hold those moments for people is an honor. I feel privileged to be a integral part of so many people’s special memories. If you have any questions, or would like to chat about your event, just ask.