Jared + Shiloh Married

Jared and Shiloh came, they laughed, they cried, and they conquered. I had the opportunity to shoot this amazing wedding at the Darlington House, and had the talented Colleen Sherman by my side as a secondary. Both of the families were amazing and I have never seen a wedding with a such fun guests.

The entire day was a celebration and I loved every part of it. I knew that once I was done shooting Jared and Shiloh’s engagement, they were going to be one of my favorite couples. They deeply love each other, their family, and other. We have prayed for each other, laughed together, and I hope I get to get to see more of this couple in my future. So blessed.

BTW, I had to make a whole separate post for Jared and Shiloh’s awesome dance moves…..Peep It.