Kernville Birthday :: Day 1

So for my 2012 New Years Resolution I made an Anti-Resolution. I am quite a work-a-holic but, long story short my resolution was about working less and spending more time with the people I love and getting back to creating things just for creativities sake. In all of this I wanted to start a personal blog to have fun taking photos (just to take photos…not for work) and to share a little more with my friends, family, and community. My 26th brithday trip was a perfect opportunity to launch this blog, so here it is!

I am a lover of nature and grew up spending most my vacations in a tent in the redwoods or on back county backpacking adventure. That being said, any chance I get I love to get out of the business of the city and retreat to good ol’ mother nature. For my 26th birthday, we drove out to Kernville, CA with our great friends (and Industry friends) Kyle & Colleen (aka Color Me Rad Photography). We had a great time sippin  beer, eating greasy foods, and chillin by the river. This is just the first 24 hours of the excursion. More to come. Much Love!